The ultimate goal of treating any medical problem is complete resolution and/or cure.  The reality for most that suffer from any chronic disease is to focus on reducing and controlling their daily symptoms in hopes of improving their quality of life.  Likely, you are aware your lifestyle choices impact your quality of daily life, but you may not realize how much these choices impact the severity of your symptoms and frequency of complications.

Here at AAAI many patient’s present with allergic rhinitis, but often many of their additional medical problems can be attributed to their allergies. It is well documented in medical research that fatigue, asthma, sinusitis, skin rash, ear problems, acid reflux, headache, and sleep problems including sleep apnea are more prevalent in allergy patients.  Modifying your lifestyle factors with nutrient rich meals/snacks, daily physical activity, quality sleep every night, and healthy stress reducing activities enables your body’s own immune system to manage its response to allergens in a more effective and healthier way.  Likely, your allergy symptoms will improve and reduce the risk of developing additional medical problems while achieving optimal wellness.

We are committed to identifying the underlying cause of disease with special testing when appropriate.  The impact you can have from providing your body with support it needs to function optimally needs to be the foundation for a healthy body and mind to prevent and manage disease.

Most people with chronic disease have established a level of poor health tolerance that they perceive as their new normal.  You do not have to continue to function in this state of suboptimal health.   If you feel you are suffering from chronic medical problems and would like further assistance make an appointment with Nicole Englert PA-C for our Alliance Program here at AAAI.  For more information about this program click on the website home page tab Alliance Care.