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October is Eczema Awareness Month!

  ___________________________________________________________________________________ Eczema is often thought of as a childhood disease, but did you know that atopic dermatitis (AD), the most common form of eczema, affects over 16 million adults?  AD is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which results in widespread rashes and patches of dry, itchy skin. When it is not controlled, patients with […]

Indoor Allergens!

When many people think of allergies, they think of outdoor allergens such as grass, tree and weed pollens. But many people suffer from indoor allergies as well – to dust, danders, cockroach, and mold spores.   Furthermore, many patients suffer from a condition called non-allergic rhinitis, or vasomotor rhinitis, which is when they have symptoms when […]


Insect activity, especially bee activity, increases during the spring and summer months in Arizona.  Approximately 0.5% of children and 3% of adults will have a reaction to insect stings. It’s important to be aware of how to avoid these insects and protect yourself.     The most common symptoms with insect sting allergy are pain, […]

Allergies, Asthma and Back to School

The beginning of the school year is an exciting time for many, but it can also be a time of anxiety for children who have asthma or allergies.  Help your child walk confidently into school this year, knowing that they are prepared as possible. 1. Keep on top of medication before the school year starts. […]

Monsoon Season Allergies

The monsoon season is an eerily beautiful time of year that brings with it storms and sweet relief from the scorching summer heat. Unfortunately, with the monsoons also come monsoon season allergies, infection and issues with digestion for many. Whipping winds with pollen, dirt and dust particles are the perfect recipe to aggravate your allergies. […]

Asthma During Pregnancy

Asthma During Pregnancy Asthma is one of the most common medical problems that occurs during pregnancy. It can be potentially serious. Some studies have suggested that asthma complicates up to 7% of all pregnancies. About 30% of all women with asthma report their asthma  worsened while pregnant. But with the right treatment and care, you and your baby can […]