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Allergy Immunotherapy

Allergy Shots vs Drops vs Tablets for Environmental Allergies WHAT? Allergy Immunotherapy is the only type of allergy treatment that changes the immune system to become less allergic to an allergen. This can be considered more of a problem solver by “desensitizing” the immune system to the allergen as opposed to medications that only treat […]

Why do I keep getting sick?

The answer is not as easy as some would think. There are many factors that affect our health. To support a healthy immune system one consideration is what you are fueling your body with day to day. This is more complicated than picking regular or premium unleaded gasoline for your car. Swapping a diet high […]

Spring Cleaning To Reduce Your Spring Sniffles

Our Arizona weather is warming up, so everyone wants to open up the doors and windows to take a breath of fresh air.  If you suffer from allergies, asthma or eczema, this act will likely increase those Spring sniffles, wheezing and itchy rashes.  Who says we don’t have four seasons in Arizona?  Well if depends on what […]

5 Myths about Spring Allergies

1. Myth: Moving to the desert will cure my allergies. Truth: There really is no allergy-free region in the United States. Deserts have many pollen producing plants, such as sagebrush, cottonwood and olive trees. Relocating may offer relief for a while, but allergies to local plants could develop before long. 2. Myth: All I need […]