No matter if your child is attending school online, in-person, or hybrid of both – returning to school is looking different for everyone this year. In addition to navigating the changes due to Covid-19, allergy and asthma families may have additional challenges or concerns this year. Here are some tips and thoughts if your child is back in the classroom this fall:

Stay home if sick, especially if you have a fever. Most schools have their own protocols in place regarding this. It’s important to keep your child home, monitor symptoms, and follow up with your doctor if needed.

While wearing a mask can prevent COVID transmission, a mask will not prevent allergies or asthma. Please be sure that allergy and asthma medications are continued as directed by your provider and if you feel your asthma is worse because of the mask, it’s a good idea to discuss with your provider.

Get your annual flu vaccine to keep your child healthy.

Many schools are having lunch time in the classroom, instead of the cafeteria. If your child has food allergy, remind them not to trade foods with other students. Consider meeting with the teacher to discuss any unique challenges your child may face with food in the classroom. Continue to educate your child on the importance of hand-washing to prevent the spread of germs, both in and out of the classroom.

Finally, make sure your food allergy and asthma action plans are up to date. Now is a great time to get into your allergy provider to discuss your food allergy action plans and asthma action plans and get up-to-date forms for schools. If you need your new forms completed, call our office. Some patients may need an appointment in order for their doctor or physician assistant to complete their forms.