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The services of a Registered Dietician are now available to AAAI patients at our Glendale, Scottsdale, Avondale and Gilbert offices at specially scheduled times.

Our physicians believe that patients who have been diagnosed with food allergies will greatly benefit from the services of a professional Registered Dietician to instruct them about diet, food preparation, and other nutrition-related subjects.

Lezli R. Stone is a Registered Dietician specializing in nutrition counseling for people with food allergies and other medical conditions. She has extensive clinical experience in hospitals, government nutrition programs, and physician offices. She works closely with AAAI physicians to ensure our patients have access to nutritional counseling that will complement their medical treatment.

Health Plan Coverage
Because some health plans may not cover nutritional counseling, patients will initially be responsible for paying for the cost at the time of service. AAAI will bill the health plan for the cost of this visit, and return to the patient the amount not covered by their plan. The initial individual counseling session average charge is $100.00. The cost for follow-up visits average $50.00.

Notify Us if You are Interested
Please call our Scheduling Department at 623-935-3000 if you are interested in scheduling an appointment, or speak to our Front Desk personnel at your next visit.

ATTENTION: We have an automated appointment confirmation system.

This system will be contacting your home phone number prior to your appointment. It will leave a detailed message if you have an answering machine.

Please be aware of this, as the system is not set up to call you back if you disconnect early.