Can your allergies get worse during pregnancy? Can you suddenly develop allergies during pregnancy? Keep reading to learn more!


Many pregnant women notice worsening allergy symptoms during their pregnancy, and it is possible for women, especially those who already have allergies, to develop more allergies to airborne pollens and allergens while pregnant. In general, we can divide changes to allergies during pregnancy in 3 groups: 1/3 of pregnant women will find their allergies worsen during pregnancy. Another 1/3 will find that their symptoms get better during pregnancy. And finally, another 1/3 of women will see no change at all to their symptoms during pregnancy.

The symptoms experienced due to allergies during pregnancy are similar to non-pregnant patients. However, many pregnant women can experience increased nasal congestion called “rhinitis of pregnancy” that is related to increased swelling of the mucous membranes during pregnancy. Thankfully, rhinitis of pregnancy usually resolves when you are no longer pregnant.

There are numerous medications that are safe to take for allergies during pregnancy, such as oral antihistamines, some nasal sprays, and nasal irrigations. We do not recommend starting allergy shots while pregnant, but if you are already on allergy shots you may continue them at a reduced dose. It’s best to talk to your allergy provider who can help you with more specific recommendations on how to safely and effectively manage your symptoms!