Four major components are utilized by the physician to define the diagnosis of the patient: specific measurements of lung function, a detailed patient history, a physical examination, and allergy testing. Physicians at Arizona Asthma and Allergy Institute treat both adult and pediatric allergies.

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    Arizona Asthma & Allergy Institute offers a variety of allergy testing services to adult and pediatric patients. Please read all of the information about what tests offered and what they are designed to evaluate.


    Allergy injections are indicated for the patients who want to reduce allergy or asthma medications.  We recommend injections for those whose symptoms are not controlled with regular use of allergy or asthma medications, or by avoidance of allergy triggers.


    Allergy Immunotherapy is the only type of allergy treatment that changes the immune system to become less allergic to an allergen. Allergy medication only treats the problem. On the other hand, allergy drops are considered more of a problem solver, by “desensitizing” the immune system to the allergen.


    A Rhinoscope is a thin, flexible, tube-like camera that is used to examine the inside of the nose and other parts of the upper airway including the vocal cords.


    Ordinarily, a rhinoscopy diagnoses patients with the following symptoms:

    • Consistent sneezing
    • Noise or wheezing while breathing
    • Nosebleeds
    • Drainage down the back of throat

    After the Exam

    After the exam, allergists better understand what is causing the patient’s symptoms.  From there, personalized treatment options for the management of the patient’s allergy or asthma are discussed.

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    There are several causes for rashes and skin lesions.  Unfortunately, physical examination and allergy testing don’t always reveal the cause of the rash.

    If indicated by the physician, a skin biopsy is useful in diagnosing allergic reactions and drug eruptions. Physicians at the Arizona Asthma and Allergy Institute are trained in performing skin biopsies to diagnose skin conditions. After the biopsy, physicians discuss personalized treatment options with patients.  There are a variety of treatment options, from avoidance of chemical triggers, to topical remedies or even nutritional advice.

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    Alliance Care combines allopathic (traditional) medical care with evidence based alternative therapies for optimal wellness. Our goal is to enhance our patients’ overall health and well being.

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